Chapter 5Mature

Dinner was pleasant. They all enjoyed good food, with civil conversation, with no mentions of demons or the killing of. Usagi quietly watched as the four young ones enjoyed their time. It was only a matter of time, he knew, before this gentleness would be shattered, though.

Upon leaving, Ray and Seline were offered the opputunity to stay with the other three for the night. They took up the offer, and everyone was in high spirits.

Until Len stopped.

"Hey, guys, keep going. I'll catch up." He said. He was glancing up at a house, bathed in sinister moonlight. Rin glanced round.

"You sure?" She called.

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry 'bout it. Think I left my wallet in the restarant." He said. He waited till the others had left, before opening the rusting gate. It squealed in protest, then sighed as it banged closed behind him. He walked up the weed-riddled path, before knocking on the door. No answer. Quietly, Len opened the door.

The End

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