Chapter 4Mature

Len combed through Rin's hair, taking the knots out of his.

"You're thinking about that day, aren't you?" He ased her. She played with the bottom of her dress.

"Yes. It's been 8 years."

"Not yet. 7 years and 364 days. Tomorrow it'll be 8 years." Len said.

"Smartass." Rin giggled, making Len smile. He tied her hair with the ribbon, and smiled.

"Come on then. Seline and Ray will be waiting." he said. Rin stood, wearing a knee length black dress, with a yellow sash around her waist, going to her brother, clad in black trousers and a yellow shirt. They left with Usagi, who wore blue jeans, and a white shirt; casual for him.

They walked into town, to meet with two supernatural beings. Seline and Ray had been best friends with the two demon hunters, since Ray moved next door, and Seline had helped to save Len's life by taking him in when he got lost, and he had passed out. They waved to the two, who had been waiting outside the restaurant they were about to eat in.

Ray was a fallen angel. He had fallen in love with a human when he was younger, and was thrown from Paradise, as there were strict rules about angel human love. He had diry brown hair, tied in a long ponytail, to the middle of his back, and icy blue eyes. He wasn't easily mistaken for a girl, despite his long hair, since he was quite muscular and tall. He still had his wings, but they were black, and he could manipulate fire. He was currently dating Rin, too. She stood on her tiptoes to his him softly. He held her as if she would break.

Seline was a demoness, a good one. She had been sent to kill three angels, who had come down to help people, but instead, she helped them. They freed her from her hellish services, and she moved into a small flat. She had short white blonde hair, that cupped her face and pinkish coloured eyes. She was an albino girl, and was also very pretty. She was Rin's best friend, but would always spend time with Len, too. She had a crush on him, but she knew that he didn't like girls in that way. The only girl he loved was his sister, and his friends in a brotherly or sisterly way.

Usagi nodded to the two, before they entered the restaurant.



The End

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