Chapter 3Mature

Len and Rin lay awake in bed, as Salvator slowly fell to sleep in his chair. Soon, they fell to sleep too.

A couple of hours later, Rin awoke from a nightmare. Climbing out of bed, she went over to the man, sleeping in the chair. Unable to remember his name, she whispered, "Usagi man! Usagi man!" Usagi was the only word she had learnt as rabbit. He opened his eyes, and frowned tiredly.

"Bad dream, Rin?" He asked. She nodded. He gave a small smile. "What did you call me?"

"...Usagi man." She said, shyly. He laughed, rofflung her hair.

"Heh, just call me Usagi." He chuckled, as he lifted her onto his lap. There, they fell asleep. A few minutes later, Len awoke. Seeing the absense of his sister from beside him, he grumbled, before going over and climbing onto Savaltor's lap, and falling back to sleep.

The End

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