Chapter 2Mature

The two children had been 8 at the time, and their names had not been Rin and Len. They had been in their room at the time, and they had been putting a puzzle together. They froze, as they heard an almightly crash. There was a short, and a scream, then silence.

As heavy, slow footsteps ascended the steps, the two children climbed into their wardrobe, hiding beneath a pile of coats and clothes. There was the banging of doors opening and closing, before their own bedroom door was kicked open by a pair of bulky, grotesque men, who began to search for the children, turning out boxed of toys, or shoving things out of their way, such as a tall lamp.

Just as one of the men was reaching for the wardrobe door, where Rin was peeking from, there was a great shattering of glass. The two children squealed, tumbling out of the wardrobe. They scrambled up against a wall, holding each other tightly. The two men were too busy fighting a teenage boy, no older than 17 or 18, to notice the two.

Not long after, one of the men fell to the ground, dead, and the other to his knees, an X shape slash across his chest. The man wiped two swords on his black jeans, before putting them into the sheaths attached to his belt. He knelt down, before pushing his dark hair out of sinfully beautiful eyes. He offered two white gloved hands out to the two, and pulled them up, into a standing position.

"Are you alright??" he asked softly. The two nodded. He lifted the 8-year-old girl onto his hip, and took hold of the younger boy's hand. They descended the stairs, and gazed down at the two adults, red blooming under them like sad red roses. The young boy, understanding, pressed his face it's the man's black coat. The young girl, glancing behind her, leaned her head against the man's shoulder, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Bad man's behind us." she said. The young and teenage boy turned, to see the injured man. He looked different now. Hideous, jagged teeth  jutted out from his mouth, and red eyes gleamed brightly. He was holding a machete, poised to stab. The cross shaped wound was still bleeding. The young boy, angry, and with a veil of tears over his eyes, took one of the swords from the mysterious man's belt, and shoved it, diagonally through the crazed demon's stomach, and up into his ribs. The demon fell, wheezing and coughing. The boy wrapped his fingers around the hilt, and turned the sword sharply to the right by 90 degrees. The man coughed up one more mouthful of blood, specks of which spattered onto the boy's face, before dying.

Placing his foot on the demon's chest, the boy pulled out the blade, wiped it on the dead man's shirt, before putting the sword back where it belonged.

"Mom and Dad went to Heaven, Big Sissy." He told her, touching the skirt of her yellow dress.

"I know. Little Bro was very brave. We're alone now." She told him, touching the top of his head lightly.

"I'm alone too." said the man. "Perhaps we could be alone together? I have a house. It wouldn't be easy. I am demon hunter, after all. I am also half angel." He told them.

"We'll be alone, but not lonely." The boy said thoughtfully.

"We could help." The girl smiled. The man gave a laugh. He led the two from the house, via the garden. Pulling off his jacket, and putting it round the girl's shoulders, smokey gray wings burst forth from two slits in his shirt. He picked up the boy, and told them both to hold on tight, as he took off.

Te flight took about twenty minutes, before they landed in the garden of a reasonably large house. They went inside together. The man led them up a flight of stairs. There was only one bedroom furnished; his own. He helped the two climb into the double bed.

"What are your names?" He asked, sitting on the bed. The two had to think quickly. They didn't want to give their names.

"Rin." The girl squeaked.

"Len." the boy coughed. The man smiled, and gave a gesture of his hand. Smokey gray cloud appeared, and he shaped it slowly, before it became a yellow rabbit toy. He placed it inbetween the two, before going to settle himself into an armchair in the corner. He murmured his own name.

"Salvator Cloud."

The End

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