Shadows And NightmaresMature

Rin is a normal 16 year old girl. Well, as normal as you can be when you're a demon hunter, whose trying to avenge her parents with her younger twin brother.
When her brother Len goes missing, it's up to her, their carer Salvator, fallen angel Ray and demoness Seline to find him, but it's not easy when your nightmares become reality, and the shadows begin to move.

Rin hummed to herself as she brushed her bloody hands onto her black top. Pushing her hair out of her face, she cast a glance over to her brother, and their carer Salvator, otherwise known as Usagi. They had both finished too. Rin embraced her younger brother, and smiled up at Usagi.

Rin was a beautiful, 16 year old demon hunter. She had short, beautiful golden hair, which was usually held out of her face by a yellow ribbon, and soft blue eyes.

Len was beautiful, by boy standards, anyway. His hair, the same as Rin's was pulled back into a scruffy short ponytail, and his blue eyes were quite serious, but playful too. He was eight minutes younger than Rin.

Usagi, or Salavator, their 25 year old carer, had black hair, and violet eyes. He wore clothing that resmbled that of a butler most of the time, and now was no exception. He had two samurai like swords, which he now sheathed. He took out a silver pocket watch, and smiled.

"You still have an hour and 34 minutes till you are to meet Ray and Seline for dinner. Luckily, neither of you have blood in your hair. A quick wash should suffice." he smiled. The two nodded, and looked around. the piles of dust that had previously been demons scattered in the wind as they walkedhome together. It reminded Rin of the first time she had met demons, and Usagi.

The End

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