I hadn’t noticed Mrs. Summers call my name until the girl next to me nudged my leg with her foot. I looked at her, then to Mrs. Summers.

“Um…what?” I asked lamely.

Mrs. Summers gave me a look, that only adults can give teenagers, that says: Kids; they never listen.

“I said, while Thomas Mugridge takes on both his and Humphreys work, what do Humphrey and Wolf Larsen discuss?”

Right. The summer homework. My brain was sluggish and slow, like trying to do things on Internet Explorer. I was very much having trouble remembering what the book, The Sea Wolf by Jack London, was all about.

“Um…” A few girls giggle at this.

I saw Mrs. Summers turn to the girl on my left, waiting for a response.

“Wolf Larsen tells Hump that life is like a yeasty thing, or ferment, and only eats smaller things to get bigger. He says that Hump eats what he’s given, but doesn’t give a second thought about the people who made the meal for him, who may be starving. He says Hump has piggishness, or greediness, to take but not give.” That girl needs a round of applause.

Mrs. Summers glances down at the girl’s notebook, but turns her attention back to the class, seemingly supposing that, the girl answered the question correctly, there’s no reason to punish her for multitasking. She walks away and continues explaining how the girl was correct, and everything else.

The first week of high school is the absolute best time to make an impression. It was Wednesday, and I was already making a fool out of myself. That girl, I couldn’t get her out of my head. She was just…perfect. I liked everything about her, in a way I never had before. It’s a little scary, to be honest.  I suddenly actually look forward to the next day of school. It hasn’t been long, but having most of my classes with her makes me feel like I’ve seen her every day of my life. Yet, I learn something new about her every single day.

The End

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