Sebastian- The Hospital

Chapter Eight-


“Two weeks? I have to stay here for two weeks?” He shouted at the physician. Sebastian had woken up in a hospital bed this morning, a pick-line in his arm and a machine beeping loudly next to him. Of course, he’d hit the call button repeatedly until the physician came in. He wanted to know why he was here, and he wanted to know now.

Within minutes, Sebastian found out that he was in the hospital wing, having been found collapsed on the floor in a hallway by one of the guards last night. His body’s exhaustion had been catching up with him slowly, until all at once it came down on him and he could ignore it no longer.

“Yes, Sebastian. Two weeks,” the physician said with a mildly annoyed tone. “It would have been less if you’d listened to me the first time, but you didn’t.”

            “My father and Fynn needed my assistance with a quest,” Sebastian said, feeling the angry building up in his chest. In a few years he’d be ruling over this guy; why did he have to listen to him? “They still do.”

            “I’m sure they’ll manage,” the physician retorted, gathering his supplies before he headed towards the door. “They’re both grown men, after all.” Just as he ducked out the door, he called over his shoulder, “There’s a girl out here that wishes to visit you. I’m letting her in.”

            Sebastian’s heart fell in slight disappointment at the word ‘girl.’ He’d been hoping that Fynn would visit; it’d been almost three weeks since he’d left to spy for the quest, and Sebastian hadn’t seen him since. “Okay,” he said quietly, knowing it would probably be Lucine.

            A few moments later, proof that Sebastian was correct walked right through the door. Lucine immediately rolled her beautifully colored, ocean-blue eyes at him and said in a voice of mock annoyance, “Haven’t you just collapsed dead yet?”

            He smiled faintly and said, “Not yet.”

            She sat down in a chair next to his bed and rested her chin in her hand, giving herself a look of authority and intelligence as she studied him. A few minutes of silence went by as she stared at him intently. Eventually, she said, “Exhaustion, eh?”

            And then they started to talk. They talked for hours. They talked about classes and training, about his quest and Fynn and his father. They spoke about everything, until one moment when she looked at him, and he looked at her, and suddenly they stopped talking, and they started to kiss.

The End

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