Fynn- Awkward Situations

Chapter Eight-


When it came to awkward situations, this had to be number one on Fynn’s list right now. Being a cat was bad enough, but having a teenage girl take care of him was just plain weird to him. After nearly two week of watching her during the night, he had hidden under her porch and waited for her to find him. Apparently crawling under porches wasn’t this girl’s favorite thing to do, though, because it had taken her almost two and a half days to find him.

            When the girl found him, she had screamed and crawled out from under the porch in a rush. He followed her out, of course; two and a half days of living under a porch could not have been good for his health, especially since he was already wounded. The girl got over her surprise quickly, though, and she brought him inside her house.

            Now, Fynn was lying on top of the girl’s desk, in her bedroom. He’d only been here for a day, but he had made sure to explain the entire house before he settled down for awhile. The girl kept looking over at him and frowning; he could see the fear and pain in her eyes.

            Three things had become clear to him about this girl. First of all, it was obvious that she didn’t trust him, even if he was disguised as an innocent cat.

Secondly, she definitely cared a lot about cats; she’d wrapped up his wounds for him, fed him, and given him a place to sleep, even though he wasn’t even her pet. She especially seemed to care about her own cat, though; the protector that he’d stolen away from her for his father.

            Last of all, Fynn could tell that the girl was scared of him. And he didn’t like that. 

The End

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