Hailey- Nightmares

Chapter Seven- 


“Hailey…” A voice called her name. It sounded rough and dry, like the person the voice belonged to hadn’t taken a drink in years. Screams of pain echoed in her ears, and the air smelled so strongly of blood that she felt like she was going to suffocate. “Hailey… you could save these people, all it would take is for you to give up your own life…”

            It started to get hotter, and the people began to scream even more. “Hailey… this is your fault.”

            Hailey woke up covered in sweat, crying hard and shaking violently. Ever since Blaze had gone missing, she’d started to get bad nightmares. They seemed so real. They’re just dreams, she told herself.

Something black stirred by the end of her bed, out of the corner of her eye; when she turned and looked in the direction it had been, she didn’t see anything. What was that? She got up, moving slowly towards the spot where she’d seen the thing. Nothing was there, though, nor did it look like anything had been there to begin with. Tired and confused, she started to head back to her bed and then she froze. Looking down at her hand, she stifled a scream. There were three long, curved scratches on the middle of it, and they were bleeding badly.

The End

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