Sebastian- Insults

Chapter Seven-


“You have the cat?” Their father asked, standing in front of Sebastian in full armor. Sebastian nodded, reluctantly stepping away from the cage to let him see. His father crouched in front of the cage and stuck a gloved finger through the bars. Instantly, the cat hissed and clawed at it. “Fascinating,” he said, “Absolutely fascinating. Did you know that this cat is the first protector we’ve ever managed to catch?”

He straightened back into a standing position and stared proudly at his oldest son. “It’s about time you’ve done something to make me proud, Fynn,” he said. “You’ve wasted almost eighteen years of your life acting like an idiot. I was beginning to worry that you’d never gain any skills or common sense.”

Fynn’s face flushed red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment, but he said nothing about it, only nodding to his father. “I should be leaving,” he mumbled, turning his back to Sebastian and their father. “I’ve got a quest to get back to.”

Sebastian frowned as Fynn hurried away. He watched as his brother began the long walk up the stairs and then said, “I should be going also.” He spun on his heels and marched away, ignoring how much pain he felt as he quickly followed Fynn, leaving his father to deal with the cat.

The End

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