Sebastian- Earlier

Chapter Seven-


It doesn’t matter how I feel, he scolded himself. Today was extremely successful and it wouldn’t have been that way if I had stayed here.

            He thought of earlier; how easy it had been to speak to the girl, how it had only taken one text for her to be lured to their decoy house while Fynn chased after the cat. That house, he thought, is the most boring building I’ve ever seen in my life. Sebastian had ordered his servant to develop a fake house, since the girl obviously couldn’t come to the place where they truly lived.

Last of all, he thought of how sad she looked when she spoke of the father she’d never known or even met. For a second, he felt almost guilty before he shoved the feeling away. Plenty of people had grown up with only one parent; he felt guilty about none of them, and he himself had grown up without a mother. There’s no reason for you to feel guilty about this girl, he told himself.

Footsteps echoed in the corridors nearby, telling him that Fynn would be returning soon with their father. He groaned and forced himself to stand up. Leaning against the large cage, he watched as the room around him tilted and rocked. He swerved, barely staying on his feet, as the doors opened and his father entered, Fynn following closely behind him.

The End

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