Sebastian- Success

Chapter Seven-


In the middle of the training arena in the Shadow Realm, Sebastian and Fynn stood watching as a cat paced back and forth in a cage. Its fur was a bright orange tabby coloring and it had icy blue eyes; a rare combination for a normal cat, but quite normal for a protector. “I see that you didn’t fail your mission,” Sebastian said, turning his gaze to Fynn. “Father will be pleased. Now that we’ve captured the girl’s cat, she’ll be left vulnerable, mentally and physically.”

            Fynn nodded. “It wasn’t easy, my lord,” he mumbled as he lifted the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up so that Sebastian could see the deep, bleeding scratches running down his stomach. His face too was bleeding heavily from many different places. “The cat put up a fight and it seems that it has hurt me more than I have hurt it. It’s here now, though.”

            “Go fetch our father,” Sebastian ordered him. “He’ll want to see this for himself. Perhaps he’ll even be pleased enough to reward you.”

            “Yes, my lord,” Fynn dipped his head in respect briefly before jogging away, going straight up the stairs and towards the doors leading out of the arena.

            Sebastian waited until the doors slammed shut behind him before collapsing to the ground in front of the cat’s cage. His head was throbbing and his vision was blurry; he was still extremely weak from collapsing the day before. 

The End

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