Hailey- Someone Who Understands

Chapter Six-


She frowned as she noticed that there were no personal belongings sitting around, either. The beds just had plain black sheets and comforters on them, and the dresser was made of a dark wood with nothing on top of it.

Sebastian sat down on the black carpeting and looked up at her expectantly. She sat down next to him and asked, “Is your family new in town? I’ve never seen you or Fynn in school before, and I certainly haven’t seen this house before.”

“I suppose you could say that we’re new here,” Sebastian said flatly, toying with a Rubik’s cube that Hailey swore wasn’t there a few seconds ago. “So you said that you’ve never met your dad. Why haven’t you?”

Hailey shrugged, shifting uncomfortably under the watch of his eyes. “He left when my mom was pregnant with me,” she said quietly. She hated trying to explain her family situation to people. “My mom says he was having an affair with some other woman.”

He nodded and said, “I understand. My mother left my dad when I was four years old.”

“You actually understand,” she said quietly, almost to herself. Just as she opened her mouth to say more, her phone started to ring. The caller ID told her that it was her mom. As she answered it, she mouthed the word “sorry” to him.

“Hi, honey,” her mother said on the phone, her voice sounding like static. “You may want to come home, something’s wrong.”

The End

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