Hailey- Darkness

Chapter Six-


Her face burning red with embarrassment, Hailey nodded and stepped inside, the door slamming shut behind her, causing the only light source to disappear. She felt like the darkness would swallow her whole, but Sebastian simply placed his hand on her shoulder and led her through the room like it was nothing.

            “Where’s Fynn?” she asked nervously. It wasn’t every day that she had to trust someone she’d just met to lead her through complete darkness, after all.

            “He’s doing a job for our father,” he said, leading her down a dark hallway. Luckily, the darkness masked the cruel smile tugging at his lips. “He’ll be back soon enough.”

            “I’ve never met my dad before,” Hailey admitted, her voice full of so much sadness that it made Sebastian feel bad as he lead her into a room at the end of the hallway.

Light appeared just as suddenly as it had left, causing Hailey to stumble blindly as Sebastian let go of her shoulder. “Welcome to my bedroom,” Sebastian said calmly. His eyes had already adjusted to the sudden change in lighting. “I share it with Fynn.”

Hailey blinked rapidly until she could see normally again. She was standing in a small room with a bunk-bed in one corner and a dresser next to it. For being the bedroom of two teenage boys, it seemed unusually clean. There were no clothes scattered on the floor, no messy beds, absolutely nothing. 

The End

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