Hailey- Dogs and Doors

Chapter Six-


“Hello…?” She called out, shaking slightly from fear. Something grunted from just inside the door and she was about to turn and run when Sebastian fell on the floor face-down in front of her with the huge mastiff on top of him. It was licking his head, leaving his hair wet with slobber.

            He shoved the dog off of him and muttered a few words in some sort of language that Hailey didn’t understand. Immediately, the dog whimpered and ran away. “Sorry about that,” Sebastian said, glaring in the direction the dog had ran. Hailey noticed that the inside of the house was completely dark; no blinds or curtains were open, no lights were turned on, only darkness.  “Coal doesn’t understand that guests don’t like dogs opening the door for them and staring at them.”

            Hailey thought for a moment that Sebastian was kidding, until she saw his facial expression. He looked deadly serious, not at all like he had just cracked a joke. “So… your dog can open the door?”

            “Of course,” Sebastian said, as if this was completely normal. “Would you care to come inside now, or would you like to stand outside all afternoon?”

The End

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