Hailey- 167 Oakwood Street

Chapter Six-


Her phone vibrated in her pocket as Hailey walked home from school. It was hot outside; the temperature seemed to have missed the memo about summer ending. Stepping off the sidewalk so that she wasn’t blocking the sidewalk, she looked down at her phone to read the text.

            “Want to come to our house?” the text read. “We live on 167 Oakwood Street.–Fynn”

            “Not far from here,” she said to herself. Quickly, she texted her mother to tell her she’d be home late and began walking towards the address they’d given her.

            Two left turns and walking down half a street was all it took for Hailey to reach their house. It was a small ranch-style building with painted black. A strange color for a house, she thought as she jogged up the stairs leading to the door, which were painted black also. The door was the only thing that wasn’t black. Instead, it was painted a dark shade of green.

            She reached up to knock, but the door swung open before she could. No-one was behind the door; only a massive, black mastiff. She never did like dogs, so she stood frozen in front of the door, staring nervously at it. A pale hand reached from somewhere out of sight and grabbed the dog’s collar, dragging it away so that Hailey couldn’t see it anymore. 


The End

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