Hailey- Confusion

Chapter Six-


Hailey’s gaze flitted to the boy sitting next to him; a black-haired boy with startlingly pale green eyes. He was slightly smaller than Fynn and sitting in silence, staring straight at her. “Who’s this?” She asked, motioning nervously to the smaller boy.

            “My younger brother,” Fynn told her, jabbing the boy in the ribs with his elbow in a way that didn’t look gentle whatsoever. Something about the two of them looked familiar, but she couldn’t place her finger on what it was.

            “Sebastian,” the boy said flatly, glaring angrily at Fynn for a moment before turning back to Hailey and giving her a small smile. She watched him for a moment and noticed that his smile never seemed to reach his eyes. Sebastian looked over at Fynn, who was now stuffing his mouth full of fries, and glared at him again.

            Fynn almost choked when he saw Sebastian’s expression. He swallowed hard and asked, “Where’s your friend? The one I met at the arcade?”

            “She’s home sick,” Hailey said with a shrug as she bit into the apple that came with her meal. Looking up at Fynn, she added, “She’s single, if that’s why you’re asking about her.”

            Fynn’s expression changed to one of alarm. “No, I’d never date a girl like her. My father would---.” He was cut off by a yelp of pain. “N-never mind. I’m not interested in her, though.”

            “Oh,” Hailey gave him a puzzled look. “Okay, then.” 

The End

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