Hailey- Surprised

Chapter Six-


For Hailey, Monday morning went by slowly. Courtney was sick with the flu, so she had to stay home sick for the day. Without her, everything went by quite uneventfully. She’d walked to school by herself and gone to her biology and English classes. Now it was lunch-time, and Hailey sat alone at one of the tables at the very edge of the cafeteria, as far away from the main crowds as possible.

            She looked around in her backpack, which sat at her feet, for the book that she’d put in it before she left for school. Her fingers brushed against the hard cover of it and she pulled it out and set it on the table. It was her copy of “The Game of Thrones”; the first book of her all-time favorite book series. Opening it, her eyes locked on the pages and she fumbled around for the chicken sandwich lying on her lunch tray. She grabbed it and took a bite of it as she read, losing all focus on her surroundings.

            Footsteps shuffled near her and two trays were set on the table across from Hailey. Two figures sat down in front of their trays and gave each other a questioning look. The bigger, taller one cleared his throat and Hailey jumped, dropping her book and sandwich on the floor. Shakily, she picked both up from their places on the floor and set them on the table. As she calmed down, she realized that she recognized one of the boys; Fynn.

            “Hey,” he said with his signature lopsided grin. He popped one of his French-fries into his mouth and added, “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

The End

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