Sebastian- The Next Stage

Chapter Six-


“Of course, sire,” the physician said hurriedly. He picked up his bag of supplies and opened the door to leave. As the door began to close, the man called out from the hallway, “Do be careful, though, Sebastian! You’ll find that you won’t have as much energy as usual.”

            “Thank you, father,” Sebastian mumbled, collapsing into the chair that he’d been leaning against. The look of pain in his eyes died away immediately.

            “Don’t thank me, you idiot,” his father snapped coldly, drawing his dagger from his belt and twirling it between his fingers. Experimentally, he threw back his arm, testing the balance of the short blade. “You have a mission to complete. I want it done fast. No more fooling around.”

            “Father?” Fynn interrupted hesitantly. He was sitting on the edge of Sebastian’s bed, watching the two of them and fidgeting nervously. Both Sebastian and their father turned to look at him. “I was just… just wondering… what do you want us to do next?”

            Their father studied Fynn with an expression of disinterest on his face. “A stupid question,” he began. “Not that I’d expect anything other than that from you, Fynn. However, I suppose that the next stage is introducing yourselves to her and earning her trust.”

The End

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