Sebastian- Lucine

Chapter Five-


“What?” Sebastian asked in horror, flinging back the covers on his bed as he attempted to get up. His muscles seemed to scream in agony, forcing him back onto his bed. Fynn slipped out of the room and darted across the hallway, slamming the door of his chamber behind him. “Get back here!”

He was about to yell some not-so-polite words at Fynn when there was a shuffling noise near his chambers. Lucine stood at the doorway, staring into his room. Sebastian caught his breath at the last second, holding back the explosion of angry yelling that he’d almost greeted her with.

“Are you feeling any better?” She asked quietly, letting the door click shut behind her.

Pulling the blankets around his bare shoulders a little tighter, he nodded and said, “Yeah, I am.”

Lucine was one of Sebastian’s few friends. They’d known each other since they were four, and they’d been close ever since then. She was a beautiful girl; her hair was dark brown, just a few shades darker than Fynn’s, and her eyes were the color of the ocean. A light dusting of freckles covered her pale-skinned face and she had a small scar almost directly above her top lip. She wore the exact same uniform as Fynn and every other mid-ranked soldier in the army.

Sebastian forced himself to stop thinking of her like that. However beautiful and enticing she might be, she was his best friend and he was determined not to ruin their friendship. 

The End

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