Sebastian- The Meeting

Chapter Five-


After he was settled, the looming threat of passing out began to fade away. He thought back to what his father had told him and his brother earlier.

            “Be careful,” their father had warned them. “The girl will be extremely dangerous, more than she already is, if she finds out what she can do. Your top priority is to make sure that she never finds out.”

            Sebastian had already seen how dangerous the girl could be. Even if she didn’t know that she was powerful, she could still do a lot of damage. He didn’t want to know what she’d be like if she had control over all of her power.

            The next thing their father had said was, “Sebastian, you’re going to be doubling your training time; Fynn, you’ll be finding out more information on the girl. In the report, you said there was another girl, right? Get information out of her. Mortals are the most trusting, gullible beings I’ve ever seen.”

            Their father had waved them away to follow their orders immediately after he finished speaking. Sebastian had gone straight to the training arena after the meeting, stopping briefly at his chambers to collect his sword and armor. 

The End

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