Sebastian- Training

Chapter Five-


 The shrill ringing of steel on steel was all that Sebastian could hear as he lunged once more at the training dummy in full armor in front of him. His father had ordered him to train twice as more as he already was in their meeting earlier. Sweat fell freely from his forehead; he was too concentrated on striking correctly to wipe it away. Aching pain crept from his shoulders to his wrist, but he ignored it.

            With a side-sweep of his sword, the head and helmet of the training dummy fell to the ground and rolled a few feet away. For the first time in hours, Sebastian stopped to take a break. Leaning against the hilt of his sword, he threw off his own helmet and tossed it aside. His breath was unsteady and heavy, and for a moment the room began to turn and he fought not to pass out.

            “Water!” he croaked out, snapping his fingers weakly. A wispy black form melted out of the shadows and offered him a pitcher of ice water. Roughly, he grabbed it and drank heartily. When his thirst was satisfied once more, he poured the remaining water onto his head and sighed in relief at the cold feeling.

            He tossed the pitcher into mid-air and it disappeared. Once his breathing steadied, he straightened up and slid his sword back into the leather sheathe he had strapped over his back. Alone in the middle of the training arena, he took it to himself to find a comfy place to take a break at and sat down. 

The End

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