Hailey- Familiar

Chapter Four-


“You don’t have to,” Courtney offered, a frown quickly appearing on her face. “You could stay with us. We wouldn’t mind at all.”

He hesitated for a moment and then said, “I’ll be leaving now.” Hurriedly, he shuffled away, tripping slightly over a crack in the sidewalk as he went. He threw one last glance over his shoulder before he rounded the corner and disappeared from sight. Hailey thought for sure that he’d be looking at Courtney, but when she watched him carefully, she realized that he was looking at her instead.

“He was…” She searched for a word to describe him with once she knew that he was out of earshot. “Odd. He was odd.”

Courtney gave her a look. “He was not!”

“You just think he’s cute,” Hailey pointed out.

“Don’t you?” Courtney retorted.

Hailey gave her a mildly amused look. “No,” she said. “I don’t think so. He seems nice, though.”

Rolling her eyes, Courtney swallowed the last bit of her ice-cream cone and headed towards the entrance of the arcade. “Are you coming?” She asked, not waiting for her. She walked inside, relieved to feel the cool temperature of the air conditioned building.

Hailey followed her, not wanting to be left inside. At the back of her mind, the nagging feeling that Fynn was familiar hadn’t died away.


The End

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