Hailey- Fynn

Chapter Four-


It was almost noon by the time she arrived at the arcade. Courtney was sitting in the shade outside, licking an ice-cream cone. Next to her sat a tall, muscular teenage boy with dark brown hair. As he turned to look at her, Hailey recognized him as the boy who had fallen during the assembly on Monday. Hiding her surprise, she called out a greeting.

            Courtney looked up and smiled. “Hey, Hailey,” she said.  Motioning to the boy next to her, she added, “This is Fynn. He’s new at our school.”

            “Nice to meet you,” he told her, wearing a lopsided grin on his pale-colored face.

            For some reason, Hailey returned the smile. Even though this was supposed to be her day alone with Courtney, there was something about Fynn that made her want to let him join them. He seemed friendly, with a light of innocence and humor in his eyes; not like most of the guys her age that she knew.

            Running his fingers through his hair, he stood up. “I should go,” he said to Courtney. “I’m guessing that you two don’t want to spend your afternoon with a stranger.”

            Hailey frowned slightly as she stared at him. His facial features looked vaguely familiar to her, but she couldn’t figure out why or how. She knew she’d never seen him before, though; not before the assembly. 


The End

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