Hailey- Permission

Chapter Four-


“Hi, mom,” she said as she sat down at the table, across from her younger siblings. They paused from their fight long enough to look at Hailey, then Alexander shoved Olivia out of the way while she was distracted and slid quickly into the chair. He smiled gleefully as she glared at him and sat down at the chair next to her.

 “Hi honey,” her mother greeted her with a smile as she moved the scrambled eggs with her spatula so they didn’t burn. She looked at her for a moment and then asked, “You’re dressed already?”

“I was going to go to the arcade with Courtney,” Hailey explained after swallowing a bite of her breakfast. “Steven wanted me to ask you if it was alright, first, though.”

Her mother nodded. “Sure,” she said. “You can go after you do your chores.” She hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Would you like some scrambled eggs? A banana is an awfully small breakfast.”

“No thanks,” Hailey said with a grateful smile before standing up again. “I’ll do my chores now and leave, if that’s alright.”

“Be back by 3 o’clock!” Her mother called after her as she walked away.

The End

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