Hailey- Getting Up

Chapter Four-


Hailey was never able to stay angry at Courtney for long. Two days after their fight, she’d started to feel bad about getting upset with her and apologized. Courtney had accepted her apology and they’d gone back to their normal ways.

Now it was Saturday and Hailey was preparing to go to the arcade. Courtney had called the guy that’d asked her out and cancelled her date with them so that she could hang out her for once. Smiling to herself, she changed out of her pajamas and into a pair of jean shorts and a navy colored shirt before heading downstairs.

“’Morning, Hailey,” Steven said to her as she reached the bottom step. He was sitting by himself on the couch, reading with newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hand. “Where are you off to so soon?”

She settled down on the last stair before tugging on her converse high-tops. Glancing up at him briefly, she said, “I’m going to the arcade.” Her smile fading slightly and she added, “With Courtney. Is that alright?”

He nodded. “It’s fine with me, of course,” he began. “But your mom might not agree. Go on and ask her,” he said, motioning towards the kitchen with his hand. “She’s in there cooking breakfast.”

Hailey finished tying her sneakers before standing up and walking over to the kitchen. Her mom was standing over the oven making scrambled eggs; she was still wearing her pajamas and her chestnut colored hair was uncombed.

At the dining room table sat Olivia and Alexander; they were bickering over which one of them got to sit next to her mother when they finished cooking. 

The End

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