Sebastian- Reports

Chapter Four:


Sebastian swallowed nervously at the mention of whipping. He might be the general of his father’s army, but he still got punished sometimes. Fynn, on the other hand, was fidgeting and shifting from foot to foot. He’d been whipped several times in his life, and the last thing he wanted was for it to happen again.

Forcing himself to look at his father, Sebastian watched uneasily as the King’s eyes swept over the report that he had been handed. His scarred lips were parted slightly as he mouthed each written word.

Eventually, he looked up and nodded. “Good job, my sons,” he said. “Continue your quest. We’ll meet here at the same time we did today in two weeks. Have your next report ready.”

“Yes, my King,” Sebastian murmured, turning to leave with the rest of the crowd. Fynn had already left; Sebastian suspected that his brother had gone back to his chambers to sleep. It would be like him to do that, he thought with a flare of annoyance. I never get a break, let alone a nap.

A rough, calloused hand grabbed his shoulder. In a low voice, Sebastian heard his father murmur in his ear, "Meet me in my chambers in an hour and fifteen minutes, general. I ordered one of the senior soldiers to send Fynn on a short quest for more information on the girl, but he’ll be back before we meet. Bring him with you. We have matters to discuss.”

The End

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