Sebastian- Passing Time

Chapter Four-


Sitting down, Sebastian looked over the piles of junk in disgust. With the tip of his dagger, he dragged out a clean pair of gray cargo pants and, flicking his wrist, sent them flying towards Fynn. They landed with a dull thud at his feet.

“Thanks,” he said with a small smile. Nodding, Sebastian turned away as Fynn pulled the zipper down on his pajama bottoms and tugged on his pants. After a moment or two of struggling to get his buttons correct, Fynn said, “You can look again.”

Sebastian nodded again and stood up, immediately pushing his dagger back into its leather sheathe attached to his belt. He glanced down at his waist to make sure that all his other weapons were secure as well. After double checking that all his weapons were in place, he said, “I’ll see you at the court, then.”

            He turned and walked away, shutting the door behind him. Pressing himself against the wall, his cloak melted into the shadows and he slipped down the corridor invisible. Might as well test the guards, he thought, knowing that if they were paying attention to their fullest, they’d catch him. I don’t have anything else to pass time with, anyway. 

The End

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