Sebastian- Getting Up

Chapter Four-


The next few days were nothing but a rush to Sebastian. He had success in watching over his target to see her behavioral patterns, though they did confuse him a bit. The first day he’d seen her, she’d been alone and in a rush. The next day, she’d been alone, too, but this time she lingered in the hallways, as if she was waiting for someone. The last three days, she’d been with another girl, one she called “Courtney”.

            It was Saturday now, and he was relieved to wake up with the knowledge that he wouldn’t have to go to the mortal world again until Monday. He changed quickly into his uniform, throwing his Shadow Cloak over his shoulders and tying it at his neck. Today was the day that he’d report his week’s findings to his father and the higher classes of the army. Kneeling down, he laced up his combat boots with experienced fingers.

            He stood back up and snapped his fingers, forming himself a shadowy assistant that held a mirror. Peering into it, he ran his hand through his hair, smoothing down the parts that had decided to stick up once he’d gotten out of bed. After a few moments of fixing his hair, he nodded in satisfaction and waved the wispy figure away.

Checking to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, he strode across the small, dark chamber that he slept in and walked into the corridors outside. He slept in the same area as the senior soldiers and the other high-classed people. The only light source was half a dozen torches, which flickered with hungry, blood red flames instead of orange ones like the mortals made.

Knowing that Fynn had probably forgotten about the required weekly report, Sebastian stepped across the hallway to Fynn’s chamber and knocked loudly on the door. There was a few moments pause as he listened to his brother clumsily stumble out of his bed and stomp towards the door to answer. Finally, the door opened and Fynn grumbled a slurred “good morning.” 

The End

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