Hailey- Two Clues

Chapter Three-


Sunlight shined into Hailey’s bedroom, the open window causing a slight breeze to move through the room. She was sitting at her desk, staring thoughtfully out the window. She’d gone straight home after her burst of anger at the coffee shop; she didn’t want to risk seeing Courtney again by lingering downtown.

Her eyes flicked momentarily to the picture frame on her window; the picture was of a man with short, black hair and a smile on his pale face. She reached over and took the frame of the picture in her hands. It was an old picture and, if it weren’t for the frame, it probably would’ve been ruined long ago.

The idea of losing it horrified her. The picture was one of the two clues she was given to her father’s identity; he’d left her mother while she was pregnant because of an affair with another woman. Clutching the picture in her hand, she whispered, “Why did you leave us, dad?”

The other clue that her mother had given her was his last name, Clay. Of course, she and her mother no longer shared the last name with him. Hailey’s mother had gotten married to a man named Steven Daltroy when Hailey was four and she and her mother took his last name afterward. He had two children with her mother; a ten year old girl named Olivia, and a seven year old boy named Alexander.

She never felt close to Steven or her half-siblings, though. She knew that she’d feel more comfortable if she had her real father with her, and siblings that were fully related to her.

“Someday I’ll figure out your full name and find you, dad,” she promised before she set the picture frame back on the window sill. Leaning back in her chair, she sighed heavily and began to stare out the window once more.

The End

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