Hailey- Frustrations

Chapter Three-


Hailey listened to the bell ring as she walked into the coffee shop on Main Street. During lunch period, she had arranged to meet Courtney here once school was over for the day. The girl behind the counter smiled and waved a greeting to her as she sat down at a table by the front window. Glancing at the time on the clock nearby, Hailey rolled her eyes. Courtney was late as usual.

Probably flirting with some guy, she thought to herself. It’s always been guys before me.

            The thought caused a flare of anger to rise in Hailey’s stomach. It had bothered her for years that Courtney never seemed to care about whether or not they spent time together. For a brief moment, she considered ordering a coffee to go and walking home, but she quickly waved the idea away. She knew that would make Courtney angry, and even if Courtney didn’t care about Hailey’s feelings, Hailey still cared about Courtney’s.

Pulling out her phone, she leaned back in her chair and half-heartedly started a new game of Angry Birds.

She was finishing the sixth level when the bell jingled and the door opened. Courtney walked inside, instantly heading over to where Hailey was sitting; they had been sitting at the same table ever since the first time they’d came here together.

“About time you got here,” Hailey muttered, almost to herself, as she shoved her phone back into her pocket. She looked up at her friend and asked, “So what’s your excuse this time?”

“I’m sorry,” Courtney apologized as she slid into the seat across from Hailey. “There was this guy that I’d met from the mall a few days ago and---.”

Hailey cut her off. “Of course it was a guy. It’s always a guy.” She stood up and strode across the room, gripping the handle of the door to leave. “Maybe you ought to consider past arrangements with your friends before you go prancing after a stranger next time,” she called over her shoulder as she stepped outside and shut the door behind her. 

The End

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