Sebastian- The Target

Chapter Three-


He leaned against the lockers for ten minutes or so before he spotted her. Holding back a gasp, he stared at the figure passing by him. She was tall for a girl, he realized. He assumed that she was at least 5’6”. Her hair was dark brown, the same color as Fynn’s, and her eyes were a steely gray color. Sebastian had never seen a picture of her before, but his father had told him before he left this morning that he’d know who she was when he saw her.

            He knew now what that meant; the girl stood out among the other mortals. She was seemingly quieter, keener, more mysterious, and to an experienced eye like Sebastian’s, obviously a dangerous opponent. Since she had grown up in a mortal household, she was sure not to be trained with weapons.  However, her brain would be hard-wired for battle strategy.

It was that reason, among many others, that Sebastian had to kill her. She could easily have the power to stop any plans that his father had, and that couldn’t happen.

Shifting against the locker, Sebastian watched the girl closely as she paused at the door, her hand gripping the metal bar that opened it. She glanced around the hallway with a confused expression, and for a heart-stopping moment, he thought that she had seen or heard him. After a few seconds of looking around, though, she shook her head and walked out the door.

The door shut behind her and Sebastian stepped out of the shadows. He smiled to himself; the first part of his plan had been successful. He had finally caught sight of his target, and now knew what he was up against without being caught.

As he pulled his cloak off, the smile on his face widened. “It won’t be long now,” he whispered to himself. “Once she’s dead, no-one will be able to stop us. We’ll rule the world once and for all.”

The End

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