Sebastian- Waiting

Chapter Three-


“Be careful, my lord,” Fynn warned him in a wary tone. “If you’re caught with your Shadow Cloak in the mortal world, father…” He trailed off as he looked at Sebastian’s face. The smaller boy had stepped back out of the shadows and was now scowling darkly. “N-never mind.”

            “Go back to the house when school is over and tell father that I’ll be home soon,” Sebastian told Fynn, waving him away. Seeing his brother’s hesitation, he added, “I’ll be fine.”

            “If you’re sure,” Fynn mumbled, swinging his backpack over his shoulder. “I’ll see you later.”

            Turning briskly on the balls of his feet, Fynn walked down the hallway and hurried back into the classroom where he was supposed to be. Sebastian watched him disappear behind the wooden door before he stepped back into the darkness and pressed himself against the locker. Invisible as he may be, he’d still be heard if he made any sudden noises, and people could still feel him if he ended up in anyone’s way.

            The bell signaling the end of school rang out as last. Classroom doors began to open and students walked out; some of them headed straight for the exit, while others wandered down the hallways, toward their lockers. Watching intently, Sebastian slipped quietly towards the main exit of the building and waited to catch sight of the girl. 

The End

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