Sebastian- The Cloak

Chapter Three-


It was fifteen minutes from the end of the sixth period when Sebastian raised his hand. He was in algebra class by himself; Fynn, having a different schedule than him, was supposed to be waiting for him in the hallways. Mr. Lee, the strange blonde math teacher he had met earlier in the day, nodded for him to speak. “Can I use the restroom?”

            “Can it wait?” Mr. Lee asked. “The school day is almost over. You can go then.”

            “I can’t wait, though, sir,” he pressed on. If he didn’t leave now, they’d be too late to do anything and their plan would have to wait until tomorrow. “Please?”

            The blonde man sighed and thrust a hall pass towards him. “Come back quickly,” he ordered. Sebastian nodded, shoving the hall pass into his jacket’s pocket as he left the room. The door of the classroom clicked shut behind him and he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been sure that he wouldn’t have been able to get out of there.

            He turned the corner of the hallway, to where Fynn was waiting patiently next to their lockers. His brother smiled widely when he saw him. “You did it?”

            Sebastian glared icily at him, pulling the hood of his jacket over his head. “Of course I did.”

            The smile faded from Fynn’s face. He cleared his throat and said, “Right, my lord, of course. I knew you’d do it successfully.”

            “Give me my cloak,” Sebastian ordered, holding his hand out in expectance. Fynn fumbled around inside his backpack for a few seconds, a pale light of nervousness in his eyes, before he found it and handed it to him.

            “Here you are,” Fynn said. “It’s in perfect condition, just like you asked. Not even in a wrinkle.”

            Nodding in satisfaction, Sebastian pulled off the hooded jacket he had been wearing and tossed it aside. “No need for that useless scrap of cloth anymore,” he mumbled to himself before throwing his cloak over his shoulders and pulling its hood over his head. In the light, he knew, it looked like a mortal’s black jacket. As he stepped back into the darkness formed by the open locker, however, the cloak melted into the shadows and he was invisible. 

The End

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