Hailey- Caught

Chapter Two-


Hailey rested her elbows on the edge of her desk, her chin in her hands, watching as Mrs. Blacksmith began to write down a list of different types of clauses. The clock seemed to be ticking louder than before from its position above the door of the classroom. It’s going to be a long year, she thought, watching the smallest hand of the clock move with each tick.

            She glanced up at the board, looked over the list of clauses that Mrs. Blacksmith had written, and copied them down into her notebook before turning to look out the window. Some of the students were having their gym class out there, she noticed, as she watched them run laps around the parking lot. She spotted the boy who had fallen during the assembly; he was standing at the edge of the parking lot, speaking with his head close to a black haired boy. There was something about the sight of them made Hailey nervous.

            “Hailey Daltroy!” The crisp, elegant voice of Mrs. Blacksmith called. The mention of her name snapped Hailey back to attention. With a quick look at the clock, she realized that she’d been watching the two boys outside for almost fifteen minutes. “Since you seem to be paying attention so well, why don’t you come up here and give the class an example of an independent clause?”

            Swallowing hard, she stood from her seat and sulked towards the front of the classroom. “Yes, ma’am,” she mumbled warily as she passed the teacher. She took the dry erase marker that Mrs. Blacksmith had been holding out for her and turned to face the board.

            Hailey racked her brain for any memory of what an independent clause was. For a few seconds, she panicked, unable to think clearly, before she remembered. Smiling victoriously, she wrote down the definition of an independent clause and an example. She stepped back from the board and placed the cap back on her marker, setting it down on the edge of the large desk that Mrs. Blacksmith was sitting at.

             “Very good,” Mrs. Blacksmith told Hailey before turning to erase the writing on the board. Walking back to her seat and sitting down again, Hailey kept her eyes downcast. She knew that her teacher would be watching her closely from now on.

She shook her head, unable to get rid of the uneasy feeling in her stomach as she glanced back out the window to where the two boys were now walking back inside the school with the rest of their class. You’re being a fool, she scolded herself. Nothing is wrong with them



The End

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