Hailey- Early

Chapter Two-


As the two girls reached the door of room #101, Hailey glanced over at her friend. “I’ll see you at lunch,” she said. Courtney nodded, obviously upset by their different schedules. “Bye.”

             Reluctantly, she turned the doorknob and stepped inside the classroom. Only a few students had shown up yet, she saw as she realized she was almost ten minutes early. The teacher, a woman with brown hair peppered with gray hairs, stood at the front of the class. She was writing the introduction of their lesson on the whiteboard.

            “Hi,” the woman said with a smile as Hailey stepped quietly towards a desk in the back and sat down. “My name is Mrs. Blacksmith.”

            Setting her backpack on the floor next to her desk, Hailey forced herself to smile in response. Mrs. Blacksmith watched her and the other students for a moment and then nodded to herself and turned back to the board. Hailey fidgeted in her seat, looking around the room in hope for something to distract her from her boredom.

There were only two other students in the room; a small girl sitting in the front of the class, with straight light brown hair and glasses and her nose in a book, and a boy sitting at the desk next to Hailey, with long bleach blonde hair and headphones on, listening to music on his phone. 

As time passed, more students began to shuffle inside the classroom and take their seats. By the time 10:00 hit, the room was full and Mrs. Blacksmith turned to face them once again. She smiled widely and said, “Let’s begin, shall we?” 

The End

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