Hailey- Schedules

Chapter Two-


In the middle of the mass of students leaving the gymnasium, Hailey and Courtney pushed their way through into the hallways. The welcome assembly had just finished and the two girls had fifteen minutes of spare time before second period began. Other than the minor distraction caused by the seemingly clumsy boy that had fallen, the assembly was like every other year's. 

"What class do we have first?" Courtney asked as they finally found a quiet spot to themselves in one of the wings leading off from the main hallway.

Hailey sighed and mumbled, "I'll look," as she dug through her backpack for their schedules. She found them folded neatly at the very bottom of her backpack. "You've got Biology in room #122," she told her. "And I have English in room #101."

Courtney groaned in frustration. "We never get to have classes together."

Hailey skimmed over the two schedules in her hand, glancing from one to the other. "We have lunch period at the same time."

"Is that all?" Courtney complained. Hailey had to admit; Courtney could be annoying sometimes, but she did enjoy her friend's company. Since she didn't have any other friends, it made being separated from Courtney even worse.

"Yeah," Hailey nodded, beginning to walk towards the room where her English class was held. "That's it."

"I hate school," Courtney muttered quietly, following her friend down the hallway and back towards the crowd of students that were still in the main hallway. "They never make anything fun." 

The End

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