Sebastian- Clumsiness

Chapter Two-


Silence fell across the room as a man dressed in a suit and tie strode across the small, make-shift stage set up in the center of the gymnasium. He was tall and handsome, with short fiery red hair and a sprinkling of freckles over his face, and he looked about thirty. 

As he stood, his gaze moved around the room, making sure he didn't miss seeing a single face. A smile tugged at his thin, pale colored lips. "We'll begin the new year as we always do," he announced. "Please give a hand for the Clearview Highschool marching band!"

Cheering and clapping erupted from the room at once as the man turned to greet the approaching band. Trumpets were playing from behind the closed doors of the entrance.

Quickly, Sebastian darted out of the way of the doors, to the bleachers on the left side of the room, before the band arrived. The trumpets were getting increasingly louder by the second. Fynn, however, didn't notice that he was about to get stampeded. He remained standing in front of the doors, watching the man on the stage curiously. 

By now, the trumpets sounded like they were only a matter of a few steps away as the band marched closer to the entrance. "Fynn," Sebastian hissed a warning to his older brother. "Move already, you idiot."

Still, Fynn took no notice. The doors opened, revealing the crowd of highschool students dressed in matching uniforms and holding various instruments, and Fynn was thrown off balance.

The End

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