Hailey- Teasing

Chapter One-


With a devilish grin, Hailey sat down next to Ryan and looked over her shoulder to see what Courtney would do. As expected, the teenage girl looked both horrified and angry. Her pace quickened as she hurried over to stand behind Hailey.

"Stop that!" Courtney hissed into her ear. "I want to sit next to him and you know it!"

Hailey's face had slackened back into an innocent frown. "But, maybe I wanted to sit next to him."

She leaned closer to Ryan and gave him the most worshiping smile she could muster. He looked over at her and his face brightened by the idea of a new girl to toy with.

"Hey," he said, his voice as handsome as his face. "Hailey, isn't it?"

She nodded vigorously. "Yeah, that's my name." Looking back over her shoulder, Hailey suppressed her laughter. Courtney's face was red with rage, and she looked ready to cry.

Reluctant to let the fun end, she slid a few feet down the bleacher and let Courtney sit down. She didn't want to wait an hour outside the bathroom for Courtney to fix her make-up if she cried.

Her face stretched into a smile and she leaned against Ryan. "Hi there," she told him in a dreamy voice.

Ryan smiled back at her and then seemed to realize who she was. His face darkened with a frown. There was no doubt that word had spread about Courtney and her flirting. He cleared his throat and said, "Sorry. I have to go."

Shaking his head slightly, he stood up and walked away, over to the bleachers on the other side of the room. 

"But..." Courtney stared desperately after him and let out a miserable sigh. Hailey simply rolled her eyes.

"Students!" The loud voice of their principle, Mr. Davies, carried across the room with ease, forcing their attention to him. "I welcome you to the beginning of a new school year!"

The End

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