Hailey- Switching Seats (Again)

Chapter One-


"I'm not moving again!" Hailey told Courtney. "We've already changed seats three times."

The two teenage girls were sitting in the bleachers facing the wooden doors that were the main entrance to the gymnasium. Today was the school orientation; a yearly assembly that went over the same things every time. It was always held during first period on the first day of school. 

Hailey and Courtney were starting tenth grade today, so this was going to be their fourth time hearing it. 

Just like every other assembly, Courtney was going out of her way to flirt with any guy that looked at her. Hailey felt bad for all the innocent guys that were about to be flirt-attacked. 

"But the seats at the bottom are better," Courtney whined, pointing to an empty space on the lowest bleacher, which was big enough for the both of them. "And Ryan is sitting there!"

Hailey sighed with exasperation. Ryan was the quarterback of the school's football team, and almost every girl worshiped him. Personally, Hailey disliked him. He was a stuck up, attention loving, player who would toy with any girl that let him. She hated people like that. 

Courtney gave her a pleading look; by now, she was practically begging her.

"I said no," Hailey snapped, no pity in her tone. She didn't want Ryan toying with her best friend and then leaving her heartbroken for Hailey to attend to. 

"I'll go without you, then," Courtney threatened. 

"Go ahead," Hailey shrugged. "I don't care."

"But I'll look friendless if you don't come with," Courtney began whining again. "That would be so bad! Ryan doesn't want to talk to some desperate, friendless girl!"

Hailey forced herself to hide her amused look. Having me with you isn't going to make you any less desperate looking, she wanted to tell her. She wasn't that mean, though.

"If I go, will you shut up and stay sitting in one place?" She asked warily. 

Courtney's expression brightened as she realized she'd won. "Sure!"

"I doubt it," Hailey mumbled to herself as she stood up and began to pick her way down the bleachers, carefully avoiding stepping on anyone. 

The End

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