Sebastian- Mr. Lee

Chapter One-


They were less than five steps inside the building when a middle-aged man with an uncombed beard and blonde hair stopped them.

"You two must be two of my new students! I'm your math teacher this year, Mr. Lee," the man exclaimed, thrusting his hand forward for them to shake. Reluctantly, Sebastian grasped his hand and shook it twice, quickly letting go of it. Mr. Lee squinted his blue eyes to look at them more closely. "Sebastian, is it? And Fynn?" 

The two teenage boys nodded uncomfortably. 

"How do you know?" Sebastian blurted out after a second or two of silence.

"Just a hunch." Mr. Lee gave them a smile. "Now come along, you're going to be late for the assembly."

Without a warning, he spun on his heels and headed quickly down the hallway. Sebastian looked at his brother. "How does such an overweight man move so fast?" Fynn simply shrugged in response. 

Jogging to catch up with him, Sebastian and Fynn darted around the other students. They bumped into a few people along their way, muttering "sorry" over their shoulders to them.

Mr. Lee slowed to a halt at the end of the main entrance hallway, outside a pair of wooden doors with small, square windows near the tops of them. "Here you are."

 He swung open the door and slipped inside, not holding it open for them. 

"This guy is weird," Fynn said, giving Sebastian a funny look.

Sebastian nodded in agreement "Can't say that isn't true."

They opened the right door from the pair and walked inside to find themselves in a huge room.

Basketball hoops hung from high on the walls and bleachers were set around the perimeter of the room. Students sat in the bleachers, speaking to one another in hushed voices. A make-shift stage was set up in the middle of the room with a microphone stand set up on it. Several teachers were huddled in a group on the corner of the stage, talking. 

Sebastian gulped. "If these are all the students here," he began. "How are we---?"

"Supposed to find the girl dad sent us looking for?" Fynn offered, cutting him off. "It's going to be hard."

Scratching his head, Sebastian stared at his brother with a look of confusion on his face. For the first time ever, their positions were switched. Fynn was no longer the uneducated one; he was. He was now the idiot that never knew what to do.

Self-loathing boiled inside of him at the realization. He was entirely powerless here. 

The End

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