Sebastian- Differences

Chapter One-


"Wow," Sebastian murmured as he jogged up the last steps leading to the entrance of the school. His usually calm and uncaring attitude was forgotten as he looked around at the vast crowds of teenagers around him.

Since members of the Shadow Realm rarely visited the mortal world, and weren't technically allowed to do so until their seventeenth birthday, this was Sebastian's first time visiting. His father had allowed him early visitation because of the importance of the quest he was working on with Fynn. 

He kept watching them, noticing the differences between the mortal school and the training school in the Shadow Realm. 

Some of the students around him were stopping to speak to one another, while others headed straight to the doors and walked inside.

"They're allowed to talk here?" He asked Fynn, turning his head to look at his brother.

At training school, the students were forced into silence. They had the right to talk only after the teacher had asked them a question. If they spoke when they weren't allowed to, they received a harsh punishment, such as scrubbing down every weapon and piece of armor in the armory, or washing the school's floors with a toothbrush. 

Fynn nodded, not looking even slightly surprised by it. Since he was almost eighteen, he'd been able to visit the mortal world multiple times already. "Yeah."

Sebastian opened his mouth to ask another question, but a bell rang loudly before he could. 

"That's the bell that signals that school is beginning," Fynn explained, moving to open one of the glass doors. The door was obviously one of the ones that you pull to open, but he accidentally pushed it instead. His ears went red with embarrassment as he quickly corrected himself and opened the door. "Sorry."

He held it open as Sebastian walked inside, and then quickly followed. 

The End

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