Sebastian- Ready to Leave

Chapter One-


With great reluctance, Sebastian pulled on his new mortal clothes. He snapped his fingers and the shadows formed into a warrior holding up a mirror. He squinted slightly, looking into the flickering, shadow-edged glass. 

Never seeing himself in anything other than shadow army uniforms, he swallowed back a gasp of surprise when he saw himself. Where his black t-shirt and chest-plate had been, there was now a blue v-neck t-shirt with black stripes across it. His black cargo army pants had been replaced with a pair of pale gray jeans, and he was now wearing sneakers on his feet in place of his combat boots. 

"You forgot your belt," a voice called to him. The warrior holding up the mirror melted out of existence. Sebastian's ears burned with embarrassment.  He hated it when his brother, being the idiot he was, noticed things that he didn't. 

He turned to look at his brother. Like himself, Fynn was dressed as a mortal.

Quickly, Sebastian un-did his belt and threw it to the floor. Various weapons were attached to it, and if Sebastian wanted to, he could use the belt as an explosive. "Thanks."

"We have to go soon," Fynn reminded him, pointing to the watch he now had strapped to his wrist. 

"Alright," Sebastian said, looking around for any last minute things to do. "I think I'm ready."

"Dad has our... backpacks, I think he called them, at the door when we're ready," Fynn told him.

"Let's go, then." Sebastian gave his captain uniform and his weapon-covered belt one last, reluctant glance before leaving the room. 

The End

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