Hailey- Going Home



"Sorry about that," Courtney sat down on her bed, which was an unmade pile of pink blankets. "I didn't think he'd be up so early. Usually he sleeps in until noon, at least."

"It's fine," Hailey told her, not looking her in the eyes. Seeing Colton again had stirred up some unwanted memories. She sat down on the floor and played with a few strands of the yarn-like carpet.

"I've got a question for you," Courtney said. Hailey nodded for her to continue. "Do you still like him?" 

"No!" Hailey said immediately. Her face turned a bright shade of red. "No, I don't."

Courtney smirked disbelievingly. "Okay. Sure."

Balling up her fists, Hailey tried to keep in her anger. "I don't like him anymore!"

She was telling the truth. The only feelings she felt toward Colton were anger and resentment. He had lied to her and used her. Thanks to him, she had trouble trusting people now. 

Courtney opened her mouth to respond, but her bedroom door opened before she could. Courtney's mother popped her head through the crack of the door. "Your mother called, Hailey. She wants you back home."

"Thank you, Mrs. Kessler," Hailey stood up and brushed the dust off her jean shorts. As she walked out the bedroom door, she shot Courtney a glare. 

She walked down the stairs, listening to the familiar creak of each of them.

"Tell Courtney I said goodbye. I'll come by to walk to school with her tomorrow morning," Hailey told Mrs. Kessler before she shut their front door behind herself. 

The End

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