Sebastian- A New Plan



"I don't think," Fynn's voice trembled. His pale, scarred face was scrunched up like he was trying not to cry. "I don't think I can kill the cat, my l-lord."

Sebastian's pale green eyes glinted dangerously. "What?"

Fynn knelt before his master and pulled up the sleeves of his black hoodie. His arms were bleeding from multiple scratches. "The cat fights better than me, sir."

"Of course he does," Sebastian muttered under his breath. He moved his hand upward and then shoved it forward; a command for his flickering shadow warriors. They marched forward and pulled Fynn up, holding him half a foot above the ground.

For a moment, Sebastian stood there and watched Fynn dangle helplessly. He smiled viciously. "Since you can't fight a cat, we will be continuing to my second plan. Do you have the address of the girl?"

"Y-yes sir," Fynn choked out. 

With a single downward hand motion, Fynn fell to the ground. He changed form to a black cat right before he touched the ground, landing gracefully on all four paws.

"Hand it to me," Sebastian snapped, impatiently holding out his hand. His shadowy assistants disappeared, melting back into their original form. 

Fynn bowed his head and changed back into a human. Clumsily, he reached into his back pocket and drew out a wrinkled, slightly ripped paper and placed it in his brother's hand. "Here, lord."

Sebastian smoothed out the piece of paper and read what was on it. "She lives a few blocks away," he stated, still wearing his dangerous smile. "Get father and go to the local high-school to sign us up."

His brother nodded.

"I meant now," Sebastian sighed. 

The End

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