Hailey- Old Friends



Hailey had barely made it to the top of the staircase with Courtney when a door down the right side of the hallway opened. Courtney's twin brother, Colton, stepped into the hallway. His blonde hair was messed up, as if he'd just gotten out of bed. 

He walked halfway across the hallway and then froze, turning to look at her and Courtney. His gray-blue eyes narrowed when he spotted her. "What are you doing here?"

"She's my best friend, Colton," Courtney said. "She comes here all the time."

The sight of Courtney's twin made Hailey sad. Two summers ago, when they were almost fourteen, Hailey had been best friends with both of them. She began to have feelings for Colton and when she told him, he said he felt the same way.

For two weeks, Hailey had been living the happiest time of her life. After that, everything went downhill. Colton broke up with her and admitted that he'd been using her to make another girl jealous and they spent months arguing. 

This was the first time Hailey had seen him for more than a few seconds since then. He seemed to have a knack for avoiding people when he wanted to. Of course, she had gotten over him. She hadn't had feelings for another guy since then, though. 

"We should-," she choked slightly as her eyes met with his. "We should go, Courtney."

Courtney hesitated for a moment and then seemed to realize what she meant. "Sure, sure."

They crossed the hallway and walked into Courtney's bedroom, closing the door behind them. 

The End

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