Sebastian- Late



Dawn light filtered in from a break between the curtains. Sebastian sat in the shadows of the room, a scowl on his unusually pale face. 

"He should be back by now," he muttered to himself, drawing his obsidian bladed dagger from the sheath on his belt. "Why isn't he BACK BY NOW!" 

As he screamed the last words, he threw the dagger across the room. With a thud, the blade buried itself into the far wall, only the diamond encrusted hilt showing. 

He was ready to get up and retrieve it when the door cracked open. A black cat padded inside and sat down at Sebastian's feet. Its head bowed and the cat transformed into a teenage boy with dark brown hair and green eyes. 

"Fynn." Sebastian spit out the name as if it was deadly. 

"My lord," the cat-boy began as he stood. "I apologize for being late. The girl's cat tried to kill me again."

"It's just a cat!" He yelled, willing the shadows around him to transform into flickering, black warriors. If he wanted to, he could have his imbecilic right-hand man turned into cat food. "You shouldn't have any problem killing it!"

"You don't understand," the cat-boy said, shaking with fear in front of Sebastian, even though he was taller than him. "That cat... that cat is a protector, lord."

"And you're a shadow warrior!" Sebastian stepped forward, shoving his pale skinned face into Fynn's. "Both are just titles. Kill the cat and bring me the girl. I want to kill her myself. Don't let me down, brother."

He hissed the last word, obviously not proud of being related to him. 

The End

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