Hailey- The Last Day of Summer Vacation

With a new friend comes new experiences. Some nice, some not so nice. As Hailey Daltroy makes friends with the new boy in her school, Sebastian, she learns that some people may not be as innocent as they seem.



On the last day of summer vacation, Hailey woke up to the warm feeling of summer sunshine, birds chirping, and... cats hissing. She let out a heavy groan and got out of bed, stomping over to her window to see what her cat had gotten himself into this time. 

For a second, she didn't see her cat, Blaze, or what he was hissing at. Then she spotted him at the edge of the yard. He was standing in front of a black cat, his orange tabby fur bushed up and his teeth bared. She'd never seen the other cat before. Must be a stray, she thought. 

She pulled her window open and yelled down into the yard. "Blaze!" 

The black cat disappeared as Blaze turned and gazed at his owner. He blinked up at her with an innocent look before darting off after a butterfly. 


After eating a quick breakfast, changing into clean clothes, and brushing her hair, Hailey opened the door and walked outside. The heat hit her as soon as she stepped off her porch and she longed to be sitting in her house again, in front of the air conditioner. 

She shook away the longing and jogged across the street, careful to watch for cars, and headed to her best friend's house. They'd met when Hailey moved to her house four years ago, since they lived across the street from each other.

Stepping onto the large wrap-around porch made of oak wood, she took a stride forward and pressed the doorbell. She heard scuffling from behind the door and it swung open a few seconds later.

The tan, freckled face of her best friend appeared in front of her. "Hey!"

"Hi, Courtney," Hailey said with a grin. "Ready for school tomorrow?"

Courtney's face darkened with a scowl. "Don't even mention school. I don't want to think about it."

"Alright," she shrugged as she walked inside. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Courtney grumbled as she lead Hailey to her bedroom. 

The End

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