Chapter 1: Introductions

Once upon a time... No, scratch that. This is not a fairytale. Let me start again.

Long, long ago... Nope. This story is taking place right now, as you are reading it. Okay, let me try again.

It was a dark, stormy night... Sorry. It actually wasn't that stormy. And it was bright outside. There were no clouds and the air was clean and crisp, a typical autumn day in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

I will start once more.

I was taken away from my parents the day I was born.

My leader, Sean, tells me that the doctors told my parents I had died. He also tells me that my mother didn't believe a single word that anyone said. She was very stubborn, he says. Maybe that's where you inherited it.

As I sat on the cold, hard bed in my temporary room, I looked up through the single window in the plain gray room. It was open. I knew what that meant--I was getting out of here today.

What I mean by that is; I can finally get out of this room, where I had been isolated for about a week. This is what my kind calls "being grounded."

Your parents won't let you go out with your friends when you're grounded. You must do your homework and double chores. When I'm grounded, I'm locked in a room with a thin cotton blanket, a rock-hard bed, and a gas lamp. My meals are pushed in through the doggie door. This goes on for a week or two, and then I am let out.

It's not as much fun as it sounds. I would rather be yelled at. Because, honestly, I've been put in here every other month. I'm not a follower, I'm a leader.

I heard two knocks on my door.

"Come in," I said.

I saw Audrey, my best friend, poke her head in. "Time for breakfast."

I jumped up. "I'm starving."

"I bet you are."

I smiled. "Yeah. Sorry."

She held up her hands. "Don't apologize to me. Apologize to the guy you kicked in the head."

"Hey," I said, trying to defend myself. "He had it coming."

She raised an eyebrow as we walked down the familiar gray hallway.

"He said I couldn't knock him out in one kick. And I was just showing him--"

"Kit Kat," Audrey said, "That isn't something that you try to prove to someone."

I stifled a laugh.

Here are a few things about me.

1. Emotions get in the way, so I usually don't show them. But when I'm around my best friend, I do show them.

2. If I don't like you, I will let you know.

3. Don't make me angry. I will have to injure you.

4. People make me frustrated. That's why I'm detatched.

5. I have a lot of pride.

6. I tend to judge people well before I get to know them. I can predict the future pretty well.

7. I am a magnet for disaster.

The End

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