I sat at my desk with my pencil in hand. I hadn't seen him in at least two months. That was what Sean had wanted. I clenched my hands in anger. Why did he have to do this to me? Why would no one see him for what he truly was?

I set those feelings aside. They wouldn't know what was in this letter. I could finally contact Chase after two months of silence. I picked up my pencil and a plain sheet of lined paper and began to write.


I'm sorry about everything that has happened. But we should have known that they no one would see reason, especially when they have been fighting for years. And we should have known that they would do everything to keep us away from each other. Again, we are like Romeo and Juliet. I hate that part especially.

The war has only begun, and it will only get worse. But trust me, someday we will all see the true enemy. And then we will be able to stand side by side and fight.

We will be together on that day. And that's all that matters to me--that we are together forever.

Truly yours,


The End

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